Madinah Hilton Hotel

Madinah, Saudi Arabia

This prestigious luxury hotel is located in close proximity to the Holy Prophet’s Mosque of Madinah. The city planning authorities enforced zoning and massing requirements, a palate of building materials, and required architectural elements. Designing within these constraints, yet still producing an original image, WBTL designed a building which recalled the traditional vocabulary of the region in a contemporary manner. The glazed sloping façade resulted in a unique building expression as a “frit” or patterned glazing system to recall the traditional ‘mashrabiya’ of the region. Working within the limitations of the imposed footprint, a minimal atrium width was achievable therefore recreating the proportions of a traditional ‘alleyway’. The richness of patterns and textures and the attention to detail create an exciting and very dramatic space.

Design of a Hotel

390 Guest Room Luxury Hotel
Lobby, Restaurants and Lounges