Qasr Al Sharq Hotel

Waldorf Astoria Collection

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Qasr Al Sharq Hotel is located and massed in such a way so as to counter-balance the adjacent Hilton Hotel and at the same time offer an excellent view of the Red Sea. Landscaped gardens, trellises, and pergolas compose an elegant yet well protected plaza above the parking structure, which acts as a natural buffer and maintains a sense of privacy between the tower and the Corniche Road. The eight guest room levels contain large reception areas as well as individual suites offering the most luxurious hotel accommodations in the region. The penthouse level includes an indoor pool below a retractable skylight, dining areas, a fitness center and spa.

Design of a Boutique Hotel

46 All-suite Hotel 24,000 sm
Public Areas include dining, fitness center & spa
Penthouse level indoor pool with retractable skylight
Parking Podium with landscaped gardens, trellises, and pergolas