Hilton San Jose Convention Center

& Office Development

San Jose, Costa Rica

This mixed-use development includes a hotel convention center and an office complex to be constructed in three phases. The linear nature and the dramatic elevation changes at the north and south ends of the site created both challenges to overcome and opportunities in which to respond. The space created between the guest room tower and convention center produce a linear internal street allowing access to all hotel and convention center activities, and cumulates in a view overlooking the water and landscape features of the development with the Costa Rican landscape serving as a spectacular backdrop.

Mixed-Use Hotel Convention Center and Office Complex

Two Office Buildings of 27,000 sm
A 300 Guest Room Hotel and Associated Public Functions
Meetings Facilities & Business Center 450 sm
Convention Center 1300 sm
Casino 1000 sm
Fitness Center and Spa 1200 sm
Approximately 1100 Car Parks