Residential Tower at

McKinley Parkway South

Metro Manila, Philippines

Crescent Moon Island located along the Hai He River in Tianjin, included Residential and Office functions forming the Trumpet Bay Development. The dynamic structure of the main entrance bridge emphasizes the entrance to the island and serves as a visual anchor to the development from both the mainland and the Hai He River. The outer bridge reaches toward the promenade and lower retail to define a proposed amphitheater.

Concept Master Planning for an Island and Mixed-Use Development

Plot: Crescent Moon 27.18 acres
Mixed Use Tower: 73 Storey Mixed-Use Tower at 182,500 sm including 40 Levels of Office at 100,000 sm, 3 Levels of Business / Meeting Center at 7,500 sm and 30 Levels of Hotel at 75,000 sm
Retail: 44,000 sm
Residential Development: 40 stories at 120,000 sm
Basement Parking Levels at 27,500 sm
Promenade and Landscaped Areas at 82,500 sm
Marina Development for 100 slips